Jodi Yelverton Staff Photo


Read Everyday!  

Remember to spend at least 10 minutes a day reading with your child; whether it is you reading to him/her or vice versa.  Reading is so important!!  The key to learning  to read is practice, practice, practice!! 

Sight Words  

Fry words are words in the English language that occur most frequently while reading.  These can also be called "sight words." During the school year, your child will be exposed to 100 Fry words.  I will test these weekly to see where each child is on the list. These words need to be read quickly and easily.  The most common way to help your child with these words is to make flash cards for your child to review every day.  Memorization is the key to learning these words.  You can also find magnetic letters at Dollar Tree for your child to build/spell the words out, then write the word beside it.  Most of these words do not follow the phonics rules they are learning; therefore, these words cannot be sounded out.  A list of the first 100 Fry words can be found in your child's BEE Book.   

Once your child has learned the first 100 Fry words, then you may continue with the second 100 Fry words. These words can be found on the internet.   

We will be keeping track of how many sight words each child has learned throughout the year.  It is my goal to have EVERY child reading all 100 words by May.