Sight Words

Report Card Sight Words  

Report Card Sight Words


love zero black


was one white
to what two yellow
of are three red
from when four green
come they five blue
into who six brown
you where seven purple
said like eight pink
have look nine orange
do and ten gray

Fry Words  

We also learn the first 100 Fry Words.

the or will number
of one up no
and had other way
a by about could
to words out people
in but many my
is not then than
you what them first
that all these water
it were so been
he we some call
was when her who
for your would am
on can make its
are said like find
as there hime long
with use into down
his an time day
they each has did
I which look get
at she two come
be do more made
this how write may
have                their                 go                      part                    
from if see over