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**ALWAYS study the review list

Monday- write words 1-4 five times each

Tuesday- write words 5-8 five times each

Wednesday- write words 9-12 five times each


Friday- Study all

New Word List                                    Review Word List

1. boat                                              13. Thursday

2. low                                               14. wait

3. grow                                            15. Saturday

4. November                                   16. May

5. throat                                         17. those

6. snow                                           18. main

7. board                                         19. over

8. note                                          20. hair

9. due                                           21. none

10. truth                                      22. Monday

11. toe                                         23. straight

12. along                                      24. eighteen

Vocabulary: Study Week 17-20. TEST FRIDAY, February 16th. Be on the lookout in your child's agenda for test days.

Reading: Reading passage and response sheet

Read something for about 10-15 minutes each night. If they have time and would like to read more that would be wonderful but not required. If they wish they may work on a reading/math website called mobymax.