Nikki Britton Staff Photo

Behavior Plan 

My Classroom Discipline Plan



1.                   We will raise our hands to speak.
2.                   We will stay in our seats.
3.                   We will follow directions the first time.
4.                   We will keep hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves.
5.                   We will respect others and use self-control.

1.                   Treasure Chest
2.                   Praise/Stickers
3.                   Big Event


Consequences:  I will have a Behavior Chart in the room.  Behavior will be recorded daily in students’ take home folder.  Parents are to initial each day to indicate they have seen their child’s behavior.



1.                   Purple= Treasure box              

2.                   Pink=    Great Day! Sticker

2.                   Green=  Great Day!

3.                   Yellow=  lose 5 minutes of recess

4.                   Orange= lose 10 minutes of recess/note home

5.                   Red=     lose all recess/note home

6.                   Blue=     Office Referral