Amanda Hartley Staff Photo

Behavior Expectations 

Our clip system:

Green = Great Day (sticker/candy)

Yellow = Warning (silent lunch or lose 5 minutes of recess)

Orange = Teacher Discipline (lose privilege, loss of item, more work, lose 10 minutes of recess, etc.)

Red = Parent Contact

Blue = Referral to Office

 **If a students stays on GREEN all week they may receive a prize out of my treasure box on Friday. They will also get to participate in Fun Friday activities.



Behavior Expectations:

1.  Be Safe

·       No running

·       Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

·       Stay seated on the bus

2.  Be Responsible

·       Keep up with your things

·       Take care of your things

·       Put your things where they go

·       Be on time

·       Use quiet voices on the bus

3.  Be Respectful

·       Listen to adults in the building

·       Do not talk back

·       Use manners

·       Don’t blame things on other people

4.  Be Kind

·       Smile, don’t be grumpy

·       Be friends to others

·       Use manners