Hannah Hurtado Staff Photo

Weekly Skills 

Skills for November 6-10


Making Meaning: Reading

We are reading Babu's Song.

The students will be able to

*make inferencesto understand character' motivations and actions.

*answer questions to understand key details and important ideas in a story.

*explore a story's structure, including character and plot.

*read independently.

*work in a responsible way.

*develop the skill of explaining their thinking.

*build on one another's thinking during class discussions.


Vocabulary Words: routine, expert, fade, flap, stuff, tourist, collect, and sniffle.


Every Thursday we will have a cold read comprehension test.



Being A Writer: Writing/English

We are reading Dogzilla, Brave Charlotte, and Honk!.

The students will be able to

*read, discuss, and write fiction.

*choose writing topics.

*think and talk about story ideas before they write.

*reread their writing and tell more.

*build on one another's thinking during class discussions.





Students will be able to use number lines to represent whole number sums and differences within 50 and recognize and draw shapes with specific attributes.


Students will have a daily timed math fact practice quiz. They will have 50 mixed addition and subtraction problems to complete in 5 minutes. Please practice these facts with your child daily. On Fridays, we will take the quiz for a grade.