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 We have had a great start to our year! I would like to thank everyone that came to "Meet the Teacher" and "Open House". We had a wonderful night.  I am so glad that I was able to answer your questions.

Will will begin "Take Home Book Bags" this week! Your child will bring his/her bag of books home on Monday. Please return the books, in their bag, on Friday.  You will get a new set every Monday. Because I make these books, I will not give your child a new set of books until the previous set of books are returned.

Thank you

Here is some additional information about "Take Home Books":

"Take Home Book Bags" - Please allow your child to read these every night. I do realize that some may have difficulty reading all the words. Repetition is so important in Kindergarten! You can read the books together.  By the end of the week, your child should be reading it to you.  I realize that you may think that this is strictly memorization.  As the year goes on, you will be reading less and less with your child and more monitoring their reading.  It is important that your child points to the word as they read and not just say words.  Happy reading!