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Homework Page 



         There is science homework daily. Studying is considered as homework. Students are given vocabulary flashcards at the beginning of the week. Study guides are also given. I will go over the study guide in class to ensure that students will be studying the correct information. It is important that you come to school daily so that you can get the tools you need to have a successful school year!

Students are encouraged to study vocabulary flashcards 10-15 minutes each day and the study guide 15-20 minutes each day. 

Quizzes are given at the end of the unit lesson which is usually on Friday. Vocabulary quizzes will be given on Thursdays. The days may vary when we have a school holiday or off school day off during the weekly lesson.

The topics that we will cover this 9 weeks listed in order of coverage are:

  • The Scientific Method
  • Ecosystems
  • Classification
  • Food Web
  • Adaptations
  • Reproduction
  • Cells and Microbes
  • Body Systems                                     


See you in class!!