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Your team is a group of scientists researching different areas of the world.  The different areas include:





Deciduous Forest

Fresh Water

Salt Water

Each person in your group will have a special job at each location.  Each person is responsible for reporting his information to the group.  The job descriptions are as below:


Fact Finder: this person will find 3 interesting facts about the area

Botanist - this person will be an expert in the plant life of the area
Zoologist - this person will be an expert in the animal life of the area
Meteorologist - the weather expert
Geographer - map and area expert


Everyone in the group is responsible for having all 5 parts in their foldable.  Have fun traveling the world!!!

More Ecosystems

Moby Max
Moby Max

You can practice math, reading, and English skills on Moby Max.  We will be using this website frequenlty this year! Please play some at home!

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Learning Earnings

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Scholastic Book Orders

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