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Online Music Games
Making Music Fun

Arcade- online music games

Print It- Practice sheets and worksheets

Music Library- learn about composers and their music, and instruments

Sphinx Kids!

Classical music, interactive learning, and games

Kid Tunes: Notation

Interactive Games

      -Identifying note names and pitches

      -Practice playing the recorder



The Music Lab

Experimenting with the sights and sounds of music.

     -parts of a staff, tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, symbols, instruments, performing, composing.



Lomax, The Hound of Music

Interactive games


Chuck Vanderchuck

Explore styles of music through interactive games exploring music history, instruments, composers, artists, and vocal style.

Music Theory
Written Music

Sisters of Sound

Reggae Rhonda explains how musicians keep a written record of their music using staff sheets and symbols.


Rhythm and Tempo

videos about Christmas
Christmas Day Cease Fire

Multicultural Christmas

The spirit of a favorite holiday's underlying message - love and joy - is enhanced by the unique presentation featuring celebrations of families from Scandinavia, Native America, South Korea, Mexico, and Ethiopia, each in its American home, explaining family and ethnic customs associated with their celebrations. Special foods, songs, stories, games, celebrations, costumes, and other holiday traditions are shown for each group. This presentation is a perfect way to help children understand that ethnic expressions are wonderful ways for individuals and groups to celebrate Christmas and other holidays.

Composers and other Musicians
Elvis Presley

Mozart: A Child Prodigy

Beethoven: Overcoming Deafness