Ms. Lori Ann Shupp

2nd Grade


Welcome to Ms. Lori's 2nd Grade Web Page

Ms. Lori's Schedule

  7:55-8:30: Breakfast/Morning Work/Gator     Time

      8:35-9:05: ELA: Reading Horizons/ Vocab.

   9:08-9:14: Bathroom break

   9:15-9:25: ELA: Mini Lesson/ Skills Review

   9:25-10:10: Activity

   10:15- 11:15:  Being A Reader/ Guided                     Reading/Stations

   11:15-11:45: Writing

   11:55-12:15:  Lunch

   12:25-12:45: Calendar Math/ Mini Lesson

   12:46-12:52: Bathroom break

   12:53-2:30:  Mini Lesson cont./Math Centers/ Math Groups      

 (Bathroom Break from 2:21-2:28)

   2:40-3:00: Recess/Snack 

   3:00-3:15: Science

   3:15:  Pack up/ Car Rider’s Leave/ Bus Rider’s     Line up.








Reading horizons:

Behavior Chart

Green = Warning : Good Day!

Yellow = 5 minutes of thinking time alone.

Orange = 10 minutes of thinking time alone. walk at recess for 5 minutes.

Red = Note home to parents. Walk at recess for 10 minutes.

Blue = Visit the principals' office. Walk the entire recess.

* Your child will have a color marked in their planner every day. Please sign the planner every day! 

Positive Behavior

*Everyone that has green or yellow marks in their folder for the entire week will be able to go to the treasure box on Friday!

* The students will also be earning points for their house throughout the week.


Classroom Expectations



··Always use walking feet ·Keep the chair on the ground.

·Keep hands, feet, and everything else to myself.

·· Raise my hand when I want to speak.
· Stay silent so that I can listen.
· Stay in my seat so that I can pay attention.
· Follow directions the first time.


·Do my work.

·Take care of school property.

·Put things where they belong.




·Include everyone and treat them as a friend.