Madison Allred

1st Grade

night before 1st grade

VIP: Where to start each day.

1. Login into schoology.

2. Visit my homeroom tab and do the morning work for that day

3. Language arts or Math, which ever you choose to do first.

4. Must be logged in for 240 total minutes but can be done at anytime of day.

5. Cheer for yourself whenever you complete an assignment.

6 If you have any questions email 

Please check back every weekend. I will post a video of me reading a book over the weekend and I'd love for your child to listen to it before school the following Monday

About the Teacher

I grew up in Southaven my entire life and attended Desoto County Schools from k-12th grade. In high school I was apart of diamond girls, DIVAAS, band, and student council. Upon graduation I attended Delta State University where I began studying elementary education. While at DSU I joined Tri Delta, became president of the DSU Ducks Unlimited chapter, and began tutoring students from grades 2nd- 6th. I graduated from DSU in 2018 with my degree in Elementary Education and minors in English/Language Art and Social Studies. 

I enjoy doing volunteer work for St. Jude, I'm a big advocate for it! I have a Golden Retriever named Dixie, she is my pride and joy, I typically talk about her a lot! I am a proud member of House of Winfrey here at WES and my favorite color is purple, so it's the perfect house for me! In my free time I like to paint, I usually have one or two pieces of my work in my classroom. 

My philosophy on education is simple; keep it fun and let them know they are safe and loved. I tend to go over the top with things, don't be surprised if your child tells you that I dressed up as a queen when we learn about proper nouns. I usually have music going in the background and I highly encourage "wiggle breaks"! From the day I started my teaching journey I have set out to make sure every child that I teach knows how much I care about them. If your child ever has a game, play, practice, etc... and they would like for me to come please let me know, I will do my best to be there cheering them on! I still attend many forever students events and will continue to do so until they stop inviting me. I believe this allows them to see that I truly do care about them both in and out of the classroom. 




Parents and Students,

I am so EXCITED to be your 1st grade teacher this year! We are going to have so much fun in room 11. This is my second year teaching at Walls Elementary and I absolutely love it here! I will be contacting you many times during the school year since things can change at the drop of a hat. My favorite thing to do is brag about my students, don't be surprised to get a text from me saying how awesome your child was today or that I love how hard he/she is working in class or online.

This year will be different but I know together, we will have an amazing year! 

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